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The Grill Prodigy from Lynx


Quality & Performance by Design

Complete Outdoor Kitchen

Build your dream outdoor kitchen with Lynx’s complete line of outdoor kitchen products. Whether you’re designing a custom outdoor kitchen installation, or looking superb quality stand alone BBQ, California Grills by Lynx is a perfect fit.

California Grill by Lynx manufactures the full complement of entertainment products. All of the most extraordinary equipment you'll want for cooking and entertaining.

Innovation Leader

Lynx Grills is the innovation leader in outdoor kitchen appliances. From  the signature blue LED illumination system and ProSear infrared cooking technology, to the cook friendly easy to lift Lynx Hood Assist, Lynx designs and assembles the finest outdoor grills and appliances in their factory in Southern California.

View Live Video Feed from the Lynx factory floor.


Superior Quality


For more than 30 years, Lynx has been the model of engineering excellence. We believe that the California Grill and its accoutrements are demonstrably superior to anything else available.


Lynx products; perform better, are stronger & more durable, are easier to use & clean, and are better looking.

We're sure hat after investigation, you'll agree that the California Grill by Lynx is the best.

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